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Recover 5+ hours daily and experience improved productivity

(sanity intact without joining the 5AM club)

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Merel Kriegsman
Women’s Wealth Advocate & Business Mentor
Dr. Samantha’s the support you need when you surpass that 7 figure mark to make sure you’re priortizing the right things and protecting the most important asset -YOU

Experience the best of life, plenty of time with family and friends while your professional life thrives

Because your business was never meant to be your world, 

it was meant to give you the world.

*record scratch*

What the heck happened?

Instead, this is more like your reality:

  • Pulled in a million directions fielding calls, emails & constant interruptions, or bouncing from one emergency to the next at your desk:  
  • Your calendar reminds you of a Hoarders episode- every space filled, often double-booked, stealing any glimmer of free time. 
  • There you are, sipping your California Cab at the end of the day, you think: I just need to turn my mind off for one second It’s relentless. And the more you do, the more you have to do. 
  • You’ve got a million things to do, but zero idea where to start and you’re crushed and burned out under the weight of this.
  • Feel like your revenue growth is handcuffed to moving faster, pushing harder, waking up earlier, working later and *ALWAYS* doing more
President & Founder of LMH Media
My business is growing exponentially and I not longer work around the clock.

I have free time to enjoy my life and spend time with my kids while growing my company.

Let’s change that…

Imagine accomplishing more of the *right things* in less time

As you start to see over two extra hours of free time appear in your day

Imagine also kicking stress, sleepless nights, and anxiety to the curb 

It’s not magic. It’s precision.

Syncing every aspect of your life to your unique neurobiology 

And it doesn’t stop there!

Formal Intro-

Hi! I’m Dr. Samantha Hiotakis Doctorate in Psychology, Peak Performance Expert

With over 22 years and 50,000+ hours of experience, my signature P.R.I.M.E. system has empowered incredibly successful business owners and professionals functioning at the top of their field but simultaneously drowning in the busyness of their businesses and the demands of their personal life.

My unique system gives them access to their unique neurobiology – to harness it and leverage it -allowing them to increase their productivity, reclaim hours back each day and unlock all-day energy.

With a doctoral degree in psychology, two master’s degrees, and advanced certifications in integrative nutrition, functional medicine, and hypnosis, my curated and unique system combines cutting-edge science, psychology, evidence-based bio-hacks, and neuro-hacks to quickly take you, your business and the quality of your life to the next level.

80+ to 30 hour work week:
A Love Story

(it can be yours, too!)

I created the P.R.I.M.E. system out of my own needs.

Circa 2008 my routine surgery went terribly wrong- forcing me to be bedridden for close to a year.

During that year I could function for 2-3 hours a day max

So I had figure out how to accomplish what I needed to get done AND heal my body to regain vitality in energy in only 10-15  hours a week 

Through intense research, trial and error, and application I did it.

I now have more success,  joy, energy and free time and my average work week is 30 hours (Plus I take 3 months off a year)

Today I have the most success I’ve had while working 30-hour weeks and taking plenty of time off. I’m on no medication + healed my medical conditions

But this is about you.

There is an easier way and I want to give you the key

Let’s save you hours daily, reduce your stress, and enhance your energy, so you can truly ENJOY the remarkable life you’ve built as your business continues to thrive thrive 


Jonathan Schlossberg
Co-Founder and COO of Gudd Marketing
Business is growing exponentially and I’m curving the huge upswings and downswings that come with leading my company

If someone’s looking at working with Dr. Samantha, the simplest thing to say is absolutely work with her. 

Suzy Cater
CEO & Founder
I’ve uncovered the ways I’ve been holding myself back and now have the tools to create more success on my terms

Revolutionize Your Day, Reclaim Time, and Boost Your Energy!

Here’s what you can expect when we partner together



know where you’re going, plan precisely, execute flawlessly


thrive amidst stress with the power of your flexibility


Maximize results: collapse 8 hours of work into 3 hours (seriously!)


own your attention & prioritize relentlessly for powerful results


clear space for your million-dollar ideas & plenty of time to enjoy life


from chaos to calm: unlock endless motivation & forward momentum

Marisa Corcoran
Copywriting for Coaches & Creatives
I’m having my best launch ever at $300K+ (not done yet!) and have never felt more at ease filling my program.

At this point, even my husband checks in with me on my “Dr. Hiotakis” list because he’s sees the amazing results and wants to keep that magic alive!

Craving Your Own Breakthrough?


Your Unique Neurobiological Advantage Unleashed

Getting more * of the right things * done in less time, experiencing supercharged energy, laser focus and clarity, and an unparalleled ability to bounce back in the moment. 

Exceeding your expectations! 

Hard work does not mean it needs to feel hard.

It can be much easier when you unleash your neurobiology.

And it’s easy with me as your guide!

* ADDITIONAL SIDE EFFECTS OF ALL SERVICES MAY INCLUDE: Reverse aging, more momentum and motivation, decreased anxiety, better sleep, more smiles.

Discover the P.R.I.M.E. difference:

(P) Productivity:  Immediate results. Transform strategies into peak productivity.

(R) Resilience: Thrive amidst challenges. Secure your competitive edge.

(I) Integrated Health + Lifestyle Optimization: Work Smarter Not Harder

(M) Mindset: Break barriers. Seize opportunities and unlock endless momentum.

(E) Energy: Custom-tailored hacks for a bespoke power surge 

Leverage Your Unique Neurobiology to Easily Optimize Your Performance, Boost Your Productivity, Reclaim 2+ Hours Each Day, & Unlock All Day Energy

P.R.I.M.E. ACCELERATOR – The 60-Min Revolution

Transform an hour into a revolution. Reclaim 2+ hours weekly.

A power-packed one-hour session designed to synchronize your daily routine to your neurobiological prime time. Walk away with actionable neurohacks and biohacks that instantly reclaim hours and elevate energy levels, tailored precisely for a high-performer like you who is short on time and needs results fast. 

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • 1-Hour Call with Dr. Samantha: Confidential, via phone or video.
  • Asynchronous Support: Two days of follow-up support.

Special Offer: $997

P.R.I.M.E. MEMBERSHIP: Elite 1:1 Access

On-demand * without the wait * tailored for you * 

A private psychologist, consultant & concierge rolled into one.

So you can get the advice and strategy you need exactly when you need it.

Your time is your most valuable asset.

That’s precisely why this Elite Membership is meticulously designed around your demanding schedule and the unique pressures and challenges you face.

The P.R.I.M.E. 1:1 Membership grants you on-demand access to personalized high-performance strategies.

What to expect:

  • On-Demand Expertise: Get up to 60 minutes of asynchronous VOXER access per month. No scheduling is needed.
  • Unlimited Laser Coaching & Consulting: Access to unlimited phone calls
  • Year-Round Support: Continuous, personalized support throughout the year.
  • Personal Concierge: Dr. Samantha Hiotakis is your dedicated psychologist, consultant, and performance expert.

Special Offer: $597 per month

P.R.I.M.E. ELITE BLUEPRINT – Year-Long Partnership

Discover the pinnacle of personal optimization with my highest-tier, exclusive 1:1 service, limited to just 8 discerning clients per year.

Partnering together during this year to not only navigate the complexities of your high-demand life but also maximize your potential in ways you’ve never imagined.

  • 21 Sessions Annually: 45-minute phone calls to tailor your personal course
  • 4 Quarterly Planning Sessions: Strategic focus for the upcoming quarter
  • On-demand Expertise: Unlimited asynchronous access via VOXER, no scheduling issues
    Unlimited Laser Coaching: Access to unlimited 15-minute laser coaching phone calls.
  • Year-Round Support: Continuous, personalized support throughout the year.
  • Personal Concierge: Dr. Samantha Hiotakis is your dedicated psychologist, consultant, and performance expert.




Syncing to and supercharging your neurobiology is not only easy BUT the results can be yours EVEN IF ….

You’re a parent juggling a crazy busy home life on top of your extremely demanding business. 

You’re a woman experiencing hornomonal ping pongs as you age up into your 40’s and 50’s and don’t know where your energy or focus went. 

You feel like you’re struggling with a neurodivergent brain or have asked yourself if you have ADHD

You feel like you’re being held captive by anxiety.

In fact, all of the results you will see are created because of –not in spite of these very things 

Because you finally have learned how to access the innate gifts of your mind and body 

Your innate gifts that have been waiting to be unlocked 

Reclaim Your Time, Supercharge Your Productivity, Amplify Your Success

Chris M.
Chief Sales Executive for 8 Figure Brand
Since working together I’ve had the best financial year ever last year, I’m no longer short on time and I’m more efficient and productive
Sascha Schlossberg
Co-Founder & CEO at Guud Marketing
If you’re a fan of Billions and have ever wanted your own personal Wendy Rhoades, you need Dr. Samantha. As we’ve scaled I’ve simplified my role in the business & I now lead with clarity and excitement.



Get to to know me with these 10 personal facts (When I’m not channeling Wendy Rhodes)



I had an idyllic childhood growing up in the now famous Montauk, New York. My parents owned a restaurant and hotel on Fort Pond. Three months out of the year, when the restaurant closed for the winter, we lived in St. Croix and I was homeschooled by my parents.


I’m mostly paleo.Always ogranic. I’ve lean into the power of food and I am one of the lukcy ones who truly feels when I eat something not good for me. I am always looking to eat with the seasons, organic food and this year I am leaning more heavily into protein and building muscle as I rebalance my hormones . For the past two years I have been diving into the power of intermittent fasting.


I drink mountain valley water, plain seltzer coffee and although love a beautiful cabernet sauvignon it doesn’t love me back anymore. My sleep is impoacted as are my fasting blood sugar levels. So for the most part I don’t really drink too much but when I do I make sure to take charcoal and glutathione before and after my 6oz of wine.


In 2008, what was supposed to be a simple medical procedure caused me to almost bleed to death, leaving me with cardiac issues and bedridden for over 9 months. I overcame all of this and came back stronger (and got off all medication). In 2012 I was told I would never get pregnant…any guesses? Yup, his name is Shepard and he…is …amazing. I am always learning how to hack deeper into my health and the past 6 years have been a mix of post partum adjustment (yup it can take that long for the body to reacclimate) and learning how to manage my fluctuating hormone levels through biohacking and lifestyle practices


I get a manicure every week and could easily add a weekly massage. I consider going out to eat an Olympic event and go out to dinner regularly.


Agreeing to go on a blind date on December 18, 2009. I met the love of my life and partner in all things. 8 years late to that very day on December 18th 2017 I gave birth to our son, Shep! How about that for magic!


I live my life through tapping into and unleashing my onw unique neurobiology which is constantly evolving and changing which not only keeps me on my toes but positively impacts my clients in all the new cutting edge protocols I learn. My goal is improve my healthspan not just have an incredible lifespan.


I had Dr Mark Hyman as my doctor (yeah he’s a celebrity to me). I’ve met and spoken to Gabby Bernstein a few times. I’ve had Anthony William, the Medical Medium, do a reading of my body. I was called out by Harry Connick Jr. from the stage as the beautiful girl in a green dress (I’ll never forget that or that dress! ). I brought Al Gore to my college campus in 1996 and was protected by his secret service for the few days he was on campus because I was considered part of his entourage!


I LOVE 80’s music and not just Madonna, The Police but Def Leppard & Guns and Roses too. I;m also a fan of Barbara Streisand and Frank Sinatra. I watch reruns of FRIENDS and Beverly Hills 90210 (a lot!– pretty much all the time). I love Grey’s Anatomy and I am still not over the fact that McDreamy died. And of course I love BILLIONS. Oh yeah…I have two tattoos..you just won’t ever see them.


Teaching people like you that we all have the power to stake a claim to whatever we want in life! And we were born with one of the best tools ready to work not only for us but with us…our mind and body through our unique neurobiology
Aimee Raupp
Women’s Health & Wellness Expert
Dr. Hiotakis helps create massive impact and radical change while keeping it fun. She knows how to get you what you need. You want Dr. Samantha, a highly intellectual thought leader in your corner

Exceed Your Expectations

Add hours back to your days, increase productivity, have rockstar resilience and recovery, & unlock all-day energy

With these additional side effects:

better results for business, professional wins, reverse aging, more momentum and motivation, decreased anxiety, better sleep, and of course more smiles.

Are you ready to grab this advantage for yourself?

Courtney Wingate
Make Waves Fitness
Working with Dr. Hiotakis was TRANSFORMATIONAL both professionally & personally! Her tools are simple, impactful and can be applied immediately

You will not find a more professional, focused and results oriented person in this industry.

Don’t leave without becoming an insider!

Reclaim 10 + hrs each week right now