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Merel Kriegsman
Women’s Wealth Advocate & Business Mentor
Whatever her magic (mind, body, quantum physics!), Dr. Hiotakis is one of those rare people who has the emotional intelligence to tune into what you need to hear to come off that ledge, and embrace the art of “protecting the asset” (AKA, you) so you can continue to scale.

When you surpass that 7-figure mark (and all the growth spurts and aches that go along with that), you crave support that’s completely tailored to you and gives you complete privacy and safety. Because you know how to fulfill your business needs, and be a powerful woman in the public eye (that’s why you got here in the first place) but do you truly, fully understand how to meet your own? 

That’s the key to your next level of success and fulfillment. Dr. Samantha Hiotakis’ approach is beautiful. 

Whatever her magic (mind, body, quantum physics!), she’s one of those rare people who has the emotional intelligence to tune into what you need to hear to come off that ledge, and embrace the art of “protecting the asset” (AKA, you). She cuts through the surface, as you would expect from a psychologist with over a decade of experience, and gets you to prioritize what you need to lead and THRIVE. 


Craving for the secret ingredient to navigate AND thrive in the high-stakes pressure cooker of your incredible success?

To play and excel at the highest level

With your inner and outer game mastered

Touting you as magnetic industry go-to while continuing to show up as an energetic rockstar who gets stellar RESULTS for you and your business.

Sounds great, right?  But instead:

  • You at your desk: Forget next level. How the hell can I keep this pace up?” as you picture yourself drinking from the firehose (yet again) to achieve that next success. 
  • Your calendar reminds you of a Hoarders episode- every space filled, often double-booked, stealing any glimmer of free time. 
  • There you are, sipping your California Cab at the end of the day, you think: This is the price of great success As you try to quick-fix your way forward. And the more you do, the more you have to do. 
  • Feeling crushed and burned out by being on 24-7 with what feels more like “throwing spaghetti at the wall” hustle rather than the laser focused intentional action you and your business needs to thrive
  • Buried in the busy-ness of the business, functioning like an airtraffic controller fielding calls, emails & constant interruptions from staff needing your eyes on everything or bouncing from one emergency to the next instead of working in your zone of genius and actually growing the company
President & Founder of LMH Media
She helped me see with crystal clear clarity and strategy that I don’t have to be a martyr in my business for it to be successful. 

I can have a life, spend time with my kids, and be incredibly successful at the same time.

Before my time with Samantha I was working around the clock and drinking from a firehose – I was pretty much spread so thin and I wasn’t any good to anyone.

I thought that’s how it had to be as the owner of a successful company.

Samantha has this amazing ability to pull you out of the weeds and elevate you to look down upon your business from a strategic view giving you the “permission” all us business owners need to enjoy life, while also being successful.

And prior to signing on to work together, I was hesitant because I  thought it might take more time than I had to offer coaching with her, but it actually gave me MORE time because it made me step back and think holistically about where I was headed and the next moves I was making to grow the business.

Which it has…exponentially. 

Know this: Reaching your level of success is no small feat 

Clearly, you’ve got chops. Let’s crack the code  to your signature success edge.

AKA Peak Performance On Tap

Enter Me…

Your Ace In The Hole

Formal Intro- I’m Dr. Samantha Hiotakis. Doctorate in Psychology, Peak Performance Expert. 38,000+ hours working with the creme de la creme of entrepreneurs and executives.  

The thing that lights me up the most? Watching clients crush it at the top of their field & make millions while enjoying the lives they’ve built.


I’m in the business of fine-tuning business owners and c-suite executives via evidence-based neuro-hacks and bio-hacks, accessing the highest performing version of themselves.

On Autopilot

Spotting the internal and external upper limits on your growth, and quickly fixing them head-on.

Setting you free with sanity intact, energy to spare, and whitespace on your calendar to grow, play, and thrive at the highest levels of success. 

Have I mentioned this is the exact framework I’ve used to build and run my company with PLENTY of time, energy and life-force to run outside (aka chase) with my 4yo son Shep, have amazing dinners out with Billy, and weekly (must have) trips to the spa.

(Hoping to add back to our calendar stamped passports and trips overseas again). 

Jonathan Schlossberg
Co-Founder and COO of Gudd Marketing
Business is growing exponentially and I’m curving the huge upswings and downswings that come with being a successful business owner.

As the co-founder and COO of a multi-6 figure brand working with Samantha helped me navigate the high stakes and fast paced roles I have within the business. 

Prior to working with Samantha our business was inconsistent with big highs and big lows and my day to day was scattered. 

Now, not only does the business continue to grow but no matter what unfolds I have the tools to handle it and lead my company.

If someone’s looking at working with Samantha, the simplest thing to say is absolutely work with her. She’s going to shift the way your mind works. Not in the “ hey let’s think more positively type of way”  but by simple practices that work.

Suzy Cater
Thought Leader Messaging Strategist
Dr. Hiotakis is a true expert when it comes to uncovering the (many!) ways that you don’t even realize you’re limiting your own success — and for setting you free from them.

She has a gift for shining a light on the inherited stories that you’ve unquestioningly accepted up until now about what you can and can’t achieve.

I didn’t even notice that I was limiting myself in ways until she brought it to my attention! It was a lightbulb moment. And she didn’t just help me see where I was holding myself back, she also taught me tools and practices so that I could stop doing that, and shift my mindset to create success in ways I hadn’t thought were possible before.

She’s the real deal!

We’re a match if you want to function &
feel at the top 1% of your game 

Here’s a no B.S look into my signature approach
to elite mindset and peak performance  

Consistently access the high performance of an Olympic Gold Medalist

(without needing to down forkfuls of Kale and green juices at every meal or sit in mediation for 20 minutes a day)

Channel Olivia Pope and have the regular high-pressure curveballs that always come fast & hard #HANDLED quickly with precision.  

(without taking your eye off the prize, going into panic-stricken- knee-jerk overwhelm, having to put a pin in your timeline, or being told to deep breathe through it.)

Shave hours off your daily to-do list and streamline your chaotic can’t catch a breath schedule.

(without being told you need to be part of the 5 AM club to “get it all done”) 

Have the abundant and laser-focused energy on tap to navigate your days and nights 

(without grabbing for that 3rd quad shot espresso to just make it through the day)

Activate (even) more Money & Success

(without needing to add more to your plate or sacrificing more you in the process)

Accomplish goals faster and easier 

(without needing to embrace the “ toss the hustle & embrace the ease movement”. Because ssshhhh you secretly love a little bit of hustle)

As well as making it beautifully easy for you to lead your movement like a total Wonder Woman, I’ll help you to:

  • Make even more money
  • Have abundant energy on tap
  • Create a f*cking legacy
  • Get your clients A+ results
  • Be utterly nourished by your business
  • Perform at your best
Marisa Corcoran
Copywriting for Coaches & Creatives
I’m having my best launch ever at $300K+ (not done yet!) and have never felt more at ease filling my program.

Dr. Hiotakis helped me expand in ways I hadn’t considered. I’m having my best launch ever at $300K+ (not done yet!) and have never felt more at ease filling my program.

On my way to 7-figures, I’ve got the strategy down but I had blind spots Dr. Hiotakis was able to spot quickly and help me shift from the very first session!

From little things like putting myself on the calendar first to deeper issues that are helping me expand my business. Even my husband checks in with me on the “Dr. Hiotakis” list because he’s seen how effortless this launch has felt and wants to keep that magic alive!

Laser-focused results for a high-level performer like you.


In fact, every aspect of my work is…

and curated

… around your unique needs and story

(because let’s be honest, your situation is different, and confidentially is key for you to feel safe to let someone dig around in your thoughts, beliefs, and habits (there’s a lot at stake, people are looking up at you)

This is the ultimate high-level partnership for highly successful business owners, executives, and leaders like you.

You’ve already experienced incredible success- now it’s time to enhance everything about how you operate in your business and life, so you not only continue to IGNITE your peak performance.

…but also ENJOY the incredible life you’ve worked so hard to build.

Together using evidence-based hacks we’ll uncover and help you claim your unique signature success formula, so you know exactly how to use it to claim EVERYTHING you want

(no compromises necessary!)

Taking you and your business to its next epic level without you having to sacrifice anything.

Again, you’ll have guaranteed absolute confidentiality.

Ready to fine-tune everything about how you operate for ultimate success?

Because of the confidential nature of my work, my clients are normally by referral only but if you don’t have someone to refer you please feel free to fill out an application so we can have a chat.

* Applications to work with me at this highly bespoke level are necessary as I only take on a certain number of clients per quarter

Chris M.
Chief Sales Executive for 8 Figure Brand
I’ve had the best financial year ever last year!

Prior to working together I was always short on time and needed to find ways to be more efficient and productive with my demanding schedule.

I’m now able to see clearer and navigate through situations efficiently, no matter where the obstacle comes from. Samantha easily unlocks personal and business strategies and solutions and does it so quickly, like a back and forth– she really gets the overall view. That’s not easy! 

All of these shifts have impacted not only my bottom line in the business and hitting my next level but personally as well.

I’m very happy having invested the time in our coaching work as the results are evident. 

She’s extremely smart and flexible and weaves in all parts of my life… blends them together or separates them apart depending on what I need to focus on in order to operate at my peak performance.. 

Her style and approach is a great mix that you don’t see often and that gets results not only quickly but gets results that last. 

Sascha Schlossberg
Co-Founder & CEO at Guud Marketing
If you’re a fan of Billions and have ever wanted your own personal Wendy Roades, you need to work with her

Have I raved about Dr Samantha Hiotakis!

When I first joined my first high ticket coaching program in 2019, pretty quickly in, I realized I needed more individual help. I didn’t want a therapist. I didn’t want to focus on the past. I didn’t want someone to tell me I’m doing a great job with everything on my plate.

I wanted someone who could see me and my potential and help me step into that future version of myself.

That’s Samantha. I’ve been a 1:1 client of hers for the past year and a half or so and wish all of you could be, too!

Over our time together I have stepped into simplifying my role in the business so that as we scale and grow it fits around the life I want, my ability to reframe myself happens much quicker and I’m in a place of leading my business with true ease, clarity and excitement.

As a mom of four who runs a successful business and who wants to really enjoy my life too these wins and transformations are amazing!

If you’re a fan of Billions and have ever wanted your own personal Wendy Roades, you need to work with her

Get to to know me with these 10 personal facts (When I’m not channeling Wendy Rhodes)



I had an idyllic childhood growing up in the now famous Montauk, New York. My parents owned a restaurant and hotel on Fort Pond. Three months out of the year, when the restaurant closed for the winter, we lived in St. Croix and I was homeschooled by my parents.


I go back and forth between grain free vegan and paleo. Yes I slip up and that’s OK! I just start again with the next meal and I am NOT hard on myself.


I drink water, seltzer decaf coffee and I love a beautiful cabernet sauvignon.


In 2008, what was supposed to be a simple medical procedure caused me to almost bleed to death, leaving me with cardiac issues and bedridden for over 9 months. I overcame all of this and came back stronger (and got off all medication). In 2012 I was told I would never get pregnant…any guesses? Yup, his name is Shep and he…is …amazing. I struggle with chronic Epstein-Barr Virus and this continues my drive to be the best and strongest version of myself.


I get a manicure every week and could easily add a weekly massage. I consider going out to eat an Olympic event and go out to dinner regularly. (Since COVID we’ve had to become quite creative in the kitchen..thank you YOU TUBE! )


Agreeing to go on a blind date on December 18, 2009. I met the love of my life and partner in all things. 8 years late to that very day on December 18th 2017 I gave birth to our son, Shep!


I live my life through a combination of neuroscience, law of attraction, and an understanding of mind-body messaging. It has allowed to expand beyond my wildest dreams!


I had Dr Mark Hyman as my doctor (yeah he’s a celebrity to me). I’ve met and spoken to Gabby Bernstein a few times. I’ve had Anthony William, the Medical Medium, do a reading of my body. I was called out by Harry Connick Jr. from the stage as the beautiful girl in a green dress (I’ll never forget that or that dress! ). I brought Al Gore to my college campus in 1996 and was protected by his secret service for the few days he was on campus because I was considered part of his entourage.


I LOVE 80’s music and not just Madonna, The Police but Def Leppard & Guns and Roses too. I watch reruns of FRIENDS and Beverly Hills 90210 (a lot!– pretty much all the time). I love Grey’s Anatomy and I am still not over the fact that McDreamy died. And of course I love BILLIONS. Oh yeah…I have two tattoos..you just won’t ever see them.


Teaching women that we all have the power to stake a claim to whatever we want in life!
Aimee Raupp
Women’s Health & Wellness Expert
Dr. Hiotakis helps create massive impact and radical change while keeping it fun and focused on joy.

Dr. Hiotakis gets what she wants. And, I know she can guide you to do the same. Through my work with Dr. Hiotakis, I witnessed first hand how she tackles fears, unpacks the blocks, boldly holds onto belief and hope; bravely highlighting true power. 

She’s a true gem- a compassionate listener, a highly intellectual thought leader, and a soulful manifestor all wrapped into a gorgeous and bubbly package.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY how to optimize your own neurology and biology (while cutting through your own b.s.) to EASILY access your peak performance.

(with a trusted doctoral level psychologist and peak performance expert whose clients on average QUADRUPLED their revenues, grew their businesses AND added in more free to their calendars)

Are you ready to grab that advantage for yourself?

Courtney Wingate
Make Waves Fitness
Working with Dr. Hiotakis was TRANSFORMATIONAL both professionally & personally!

Dr. Hiotakis helped me identify mindset behaviors and patterns that were negatively impacting my happiness and financial goals and gave me tools I could implement IMMEDIATELY. Her advice and insights were invaluable. I now have more energy and fire than ever before!

You will not find a more professional, focused and compassionate person in this industry.

Have More Success AND More Free Time

Incredible Ambition and Time to Enjoy Your Life

You don’t have to choose

Have Both!

Ready to start now!

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