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” I have no right to complain”

is what you tell yourself.

First world problem right?

You’ve checked all the boxes: 

Career, husband & children you love…
you even have plenty of help (Nanny, housekeeper, CHECK!) 

People would say you want for nothing…

But there you are, sipping your wine at the end of the day to just survive it all. 

The more you do, the more you have to do.

Life feels relentless, and you keep having episodes of “I just can’t anymore”. 

Let’s be honest: you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out and you feel blah.

What’s worse?

Society is telling you loud and clear: 

That’s the price you pay for wanting it all, and having it all. 

I’m Dr. Hiotakis, psychologist turned coach (you don’t need to talk more,
we need to give you practical tools that work and last)…

… and I’m here to call bullsh*t on “the trade-off” (having it all means you need to sacrifice feeling great…says who?!) 

It’s pretty simple …you have two choices.

  1. You can continue on the way you’re going and potentially get sick(er) or burn out completely — becoming a shadow of yourself who’s constantly snapping at the kids, stressed out all the time, resentful of the job you used to love, and exhausted to the point of “I can’t anymore” (about everything).


  1. You can listen to your body and realize that you are entitled to feel incredible while at the same time having a successful career, loving your husband and children more than ever, and easily juggling all the things.

Imagine what could happen if you listened to what your body was saying and responded with simple tweaks to your habits, both physically and emotionally.

What if you could feel…

  • Present

  • Lighter

  • Energized

  • Nourished

  • Focused

  • Confident

I understand that even the most accomplished and busiest people don’t always see their goals through.

I work with successful people like you to help shift your mindset and finally start taking action for YOU. Whether it’s embrace clean eating, write a book, start your own business, or run a marathon. You name it!

You’re about to get to that thing you’ve always been “meaning to get to” – yes, without dropping the ball on everything else.

Life is too short and you are too important to not be going after your dreams. Don't wait. Schedule your consultation and create the life you know you were meant to live.