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How I got here and why I stayed

The great thing about a new decade is the ability to make a MASSIVE PIVOT. ✨

A few years ago I made a life altering decision to launch a coaching company which became a reality in May of 2019.

When I launched my company so many people I knew asked me why I wasn’t focusing on health and wellness because they knew all the miraculous healing I was able to cultivate within my body—-cue healing a cardiac condition, infertility and most recently early onset menopause all without a doctors help.

In fact doctors were the ones who said there was no hope. I loved proving them wrong.

For some reason I was hesitant about using what I had learned to help other women not only heal but RECLAIM AUTHORITY OVER THEIR OWN HEALTH SO THEY COULD GET AND STAY HEALTHY.

✨Why was I hesitant?

As a rule follower and someone who always stays within the lines I hate ruffling feathers and I really hate conflict. 🤦🏻‍♀️

But then I thought about it and realized that if I had done just this, and blindly listened to what I was told, I would still have a medicated heart condition, I wouldn’t have my son and I would be on hormone replacement therapy for the rest of my life.

I’m so glad there was 🔥 fire lit in me that forced me to go out of my comfort zone and that I didn’t listen.

I take ZERO 💊 medications, my ❤️heart is perfect, I have a healthy 2 year old 👦🏻son who I got pregnant with naturally at the age of 41, and I reversed my early onset menopause.

In fact when I was diagnosed last year Billy, the person who knows me best in this world said to me , “How long do you need to reverse this? I said give me 4 months.” It took me 3. 🙌🏻⭐️💥

So here’s the deal, I have made a MASSIVE PIVOT into what I am meant to do and that is to teach and empower as many women as I can.

💥Will I piss some people off? Yup

💥Will I annoy some people? Definitely

💥Will people say I’m unconventional and out there? Probably

💥Will people criticize me? Of course

And that is OK because those are not my clients. My clients will feel an immediate connection to what I am saying.

And here’s the thing..at the beautiful young age of 44 I have gotten to a point that my mission to ❤️serve and help ❤️is so much stronger and greater than anyone’s poor opinion or criticism of me.

So here I go with the RE-LAUNCH of my company and the new website

Helping Women Reclaim Authority Over Their Own Health & Wellness So They Can Get & Stay Healthy.

Long Before Our Body Gets Sick, It’s Sending Us Signals.

We’re Conditioned to IGNORE those Signals and just keep pushing ourselves…… Staying Loyal to “The Grind”, Rather Than Making the Necessary Changes That Will Bring Lasting Vibrant Health

⭐️It’s time to Do Health Differently.

⭐️It’s time to tune in instead of tuning out.

⭐️It’s time to stop feeling victimized by your
“ unexplainable” symptoms!

💫The magic in what I do with you is combine three major areas

🧠 💭 MIND- Licensed Psychologist to rewire your thinking for optimal health and wellness. There are multiple scientific studies that show how you think about your health (+/-) directly impacts not only your health and wellness but your healing time when you do become ill.

🗣 🧘🏻BODY- Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach to teach you how to ask your doctors the right questions, do your research for alternative approaches, and take action to dig deeper to figure out what your body is telling you and what it needs so you can heal

🥬🥦FOOD – Holistic Health Coach through Integrative Nutrition to tap into the power of lifestyle and food choices so you can be on your way to monumental lasting changes and healing. Your results not only last but you have an entirely new approach to living and being that is easy, sustainable, fits into your schedule and is just amazing!

Because I have been through a lot I know exactly that moment when someone starts to turn the tables on their health for the better.

—>The moment when they start to feel in control instead of spiraling out of control.

—>The moment they realize they have clarity and direction and what steps to take to move forward and through this.

—>The moment they know there is another side of this and healing is on that other side.

I know that moment because I have lived that moment many times within myself and have helped many women find their moment.

You deserve that moment.

Want to learn more about how I can help you? Let’s talk! The link to my calendar is right on here.

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