Remember when you used to do things simply to make you happy? 

I've got news for you 


And it's not only possible, but Necessary

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  • Stop feeling like you've lost sight of yourself and YOUR dreams.
  • Start making the activities you love most a priority again. 
  • Get your energy and clarity back.  
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  • Break the cycle of constantly feeling like it's a race against the clock. 


Dr. Samantha Hiotakis is a Mindset Coach and Lifetsyle Strategist who helps successful women who are constantly putting themselves last prioritize themselves so they can feel more energized, nourished, and free. 

With a Doctorate in Psychology from Hofstra University, Dr. Hiotakis brings 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and educator to her coaching practice. Besides helping doers do more for themselves Dr. Hiotakis has appeared in Mind Body Green, Best Life, Thrive Global and been featured in the Ravenous Life Summit. 

Dr. Hiotakis has a virtual coaching practice which allows her to work with clients all over the US and internationally. 

Dr. Hiotakis