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Have you ever thought
to yourself…

I have this amazing goal I want to accomplish but how am I going to get it done?”  

“If I focus on myself, everything else I’m juggling will fall apart. My kids will miss me. My spouse will feel neglected. My boss will think I’m not focused.”

I don’t even have a minute for myself. Why does it seem like everyone is able to get so much stuff done?”

“I have so many plans and things I want to accomplish. I’m just too overwhelmed at how to get started.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi! I’m

Dr. Samantha Hiotakis,

Mindset Coach and Lifestyle Strategist

I work with ambitious high achievers who are so busy prioritizing their families, careers and day to day responsibilities that their personal goals always come last.  I help clients overcome mindset blocks and develop clear, actionable steps towards achieving a goal.

With a Doctorate in Psychology from Hofstra University, I  bring 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and educator to my coaching practice. This helps my clients get swift and effective results.

I am your partner not only in accountability, but also in mapping it all out and actually getting it done.

Because of my work with Dr. Hiotakis I was healthier than I had been in years. Getting to that point was so much easier than I thought it would be. I learned how to put my needs and the needs of my body first. Most importantly I was able to shift my lifestyle so that I apply what I learned as habit now.

Colleen F.


I Never Really Understood the Power Of MINDSET- UNTIL 2008 

THEN Everything Changed 

For most of my life, I prided myself on my accomplishments, my knack for tackling a to-do list, my persistence, and my expertise.

“Achieving” was always my value benchmark, so much so that I worked two–sometimes three–jobs while earning my doctorate in psychology. So, as you can imagine, 17-hour days were my normal.

Then, in 2008, I went in for a routine surgery. In and out in few hours, they told me. But my body didn’t agree, and I was left bedridden and unable to work for 8 months.

As someone who normally can’t sit still and needs to be achieving constantly, this was a nightmare. A lonely one.

I had two choices to make: Crumble and let life happen to me, or sit up (in bed, anyway) and take control.

I chose the latter.

I may not have been able to control what my body was doing, but I could control my thoughts and my approach to what I was going through.

I took on the one thing I’d always overlooked: Mindset and Lifestyle

My goal was to not only get better and get my body and life back but to live my most ambitious and best life once I did.

During that time when it didn’t look like I would get better —I had to see it—I had to create it, and I DID.

I got my health and body back and was able to return to work,- even though many doctors never thought this would happen.

From that time I intentionally set massive goals and never allowed myself to get derailed.

I consistently paid attention to my thoughts and mindset and made regular tweaks and adjustments.

I set a goal to eat better and feel better through clean eating. I learned all I could about Paleo and Organic foods and now I can check that off my list.

I set a goal to see the doctor I respect most in this world to help me be my healthiest self. A year later I was sitting in front of Mark Hyman, MD.

I set a goal to have a family. Even though all the doctors I saw at the time said it wasn’t possible, I used what I learned. Fast forward and I was pregnant naturally with a beautiful healthy boy at the age of 42.

Our thoughts and lifestyle are a powerful duo and when operating together the way they can and should, anything is possible.  

Let’s focus on you!


  • Waking up in the morning and knowing exactly how you’re going to get everything done---your goals included.
  • Feeling more spaciousness and at ease throughout your day because you have that “you time” to look forward to.
  • Feeling like you can be fully present to the people in your life because everything about your day has been optimized.
  • Finally crossing those dreams and long-time goals off the list and feeling pride rising up in your heart.

And because you’ve started achieving those long held goals, you not only feel more alive, energized, and content, but you notice that you’re showing up as a better version of yourself.

As a Mindset Coach & Lifestyle Strategist, that’s what I help you create. I was so bowled over by the results in my own life, I knew I had to share the power of mindset and strategy with other people like me.

Because there are so many coaches and therapists out there helping the other people: the ones who don’t know what they want and the ones who really have no intention of accomplishing what they set out to, who leave their to-do lists unfinished.


The high achievers, the get-everything-done-ers. We’re awesome and we achieve so much, but we still get hung up with overwhelm and lack of time.  We just need some strategy, clarity, and mindset shifts to get going again. 

Are you ready to
start tackling
your personal goals?

Here’s what to do next.