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Helping women with careers and kids tap into boundless energy and vibrant radiance- That’s my jam!

When you watched J. Lo and Shakira during the Super Bowl Halftime show you were probably thinking-  Damn I want that!


Guess what?

You can EASILY have that.

And feel that freaking awesome!

Imagine energy that outlasts your kids, feeling incredible, looking amazing, sleeping deeply , eating healthier and having laser focus.

Hi, I’m Dr. Samantha Hiotakis.

It’s time to revolutionize your health and wellbeing

The magic in what I do with you is combine three major areas

  • MIND

    Licensed Psychologist to rewire your thinking for optimal health and wellness. How you think really does matter …all of your 50 Trillion cells are eavesdropping on you…all..the ..time.

    TRANSLATION: Neurohacking is my thing..I have a doctorate in this shit! Your healthy approach to living will be wired into your life, automatic and easy!

  • BODY

    Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Coach everything is related…all of it. I never knew this and I bet you didn’t either. But those sleepless nights, that pale skin …yup all related to one root cause.

    TRANSLATION: We get you seamlessly adding things to your life (notice how I didn’t say take away) and you will reap the endless benefits.

  • FOOD

    Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach tap into the power of lifestyle and food choices-Easily be on your way to monumental lasting changes, often with a nice side effect of healing so many things

    TRANSLATION: dewy glowing skin can be yours again, feeling incredible in your body, you may just start craving vegetables, and your kids will have a hard time keeping up with your energy levels.

Your results not only last but you’ll have an entirely new approach to living and being that is easy, sustainable, fits into your schedule and is just amazing!

As your coach and partner I’m the perfect combination of Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe- Completely obsessed with your progress & outcome, totally down for a chat and B*tch session about how hard it seems, and lightening it all up with lots and lots of humor.

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Long story short –in 2008 I had a minor surgery that took a wrong turn, ended up bedridden for 9 months and with a cardiac condition as a long term side effect —-> fast forward to today the cardiac condition is reversed.

During those 9 months I used my psychologist training, got in my head and mixed shit up so I could fast track my body’s recovery! 

The body does what the mind believes.

What really blew me away is not one doctor ever spoke to me about food and how it could help (or hurt) my body’s path to healing. 

How could food not be linked?

So, I grabbed my laptop (didn’t have an iPhone yet) and ordered every book on Amazon about food and nutrition. 

Through the mindset work and lifestyle shifts I made I got my life back and it was better than before! 

Then life with all of its funny humor decided to hit me again…. 

I mean come on already! I love Grey’s Anatomy but this was getting ridiculous… last I checked I didn’t sign on to be a repeat character for Shonda Rhimes. 

I was told in 2015 that I could never get pregnant… so I  doubled down on what I learned in 2008 about mindset, lifestyle and nourishment—Fast forward to 2017—> I became pregnant naturally at the age of 41, had an incredibly healthy and seamless pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful strong baby boy. 



I had an idyllic childhood growing up in the now famous Montauk, New York. My parents owned a restaurant and hotel on Fort Pond. Three months out of the year, when the restaurant closed for the winter, we lived in St. Croix and I was homeschooled by my parents.


I go back and forth between grain free vegan and paleo. Yes I slip up and that’s OK! I just start again with the next meal and I am NOT hard on myself.


I drink water, seltzer decaf coffee and I love a beautiful cabernet sauvignon.


In 2008, what was supposed to be a simple medical procedure caused me to almost bleed to death, leaving me with cardiac issues and bedridden for over 9 months. I overcame all of this and came back stronger (and got off all medication). In 2012 I was told I would never get pregnant…any guesses? Yup, his name is Shep and he…is …amazing. I struggle with chronic Epstein-Barr Virus and this continues my drive to be the best and strongest version of myself.


I get a manicure every week and could easily add a weekly massage and going out to dinner regularly.


Agreeing to go on a blind date on December 18, 2009. I met the love of my life and partner in all things.


I believe in functional medicine and that our symptoms are are clues— not the end game. I believe we need to get to the root cause to truly heal. And I believe our bodies are always talking to us…we just have to learn how to listen


I had Dr Mark Hyman as my doctor (yeah he’s a celebrity to me). I’ve met and spoken to Gabby Bernstein a few times. I’ve had Anthony William, the Medical Medium, do a reading of my body. I was called out by Harry Connick Jr. from the stage (I’ll never forget that).


I LOVE 80’s music and not just Madonna, The Police but Def Leppard & Guns and Roses too. I watch reruns of FRIENDS and Beverly Hills 90210 (a lot!– pretty much all the time). I love Grey’s Anatomy and I am still not over the fact that McDreamy died. Oh yeah…I have two tattoos..you just won’t ever see them.


Teaching women that we all have the power to reclaim how we feel. Healing happens from within not in a doctor’s office.

Wanna give your life an upgrade?

After working together you will

  • have boundless energy
  • feel incredible
  • look amazing
  • sleep deeply and beautfully
  • easily eat healthier
  • perform at your best

You have
one beautiful life to live

And you’ve worked damn hard to accomplish what you have– your kick-ass career, your amazing family and friends….

But it’s time to revolutionize your day-to-day life so you can feel REALLY good all of the time.

(Because feeling relaxed, vibrant and utterly healthy isn’t reserved for your vacation days a few times a year.)  

Why hold back on yourself? Let’s accomplish this now.


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