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Your life appears perfect but secretly you’re drowning in the to-do list of your family, partner, career, clients,   (fill in the blank).


You’ve always been the one to get it all done. Juggling the needs of your career, children, and spouse.

But let’s not deny that voice in your head that has been screaming for attention to finally tackle that dream of yours.

Your time is NOW to take massive action to

  • Launch your own business
  • Run your first marathon
  • Write that book 
  • Master clean eating
  • Commit to a workout regime
  • Overhaul your home to totally organic

It’s not like you’re lacking in drive. Your drive, talent, and skill have given you an edge all your life.

In fact, being the best. Having it all. Making it seem effortless—it’s what you do.

But when you check all the boxes of the day’s To-Do list there hasn’t been a single box checked off for you and your goals.

When’s the last time you took action on something you personally wanted to accomplish?

…and actually got it done.

I’ll start “next Monday, next week, next month” becomes your mantra. Then you shove your personal goals under a pile of papers and forget about it.

It’s not until an entire year flies by that you finally come up for air and realize you haven’t moved any closer towards that dream.

What if you could remove the overwhelm and  finally achieve your dream?


  • You wake up in the morning and know exactly how you’re going to get everything done — your personal goals included.
  • Your calendar will literally have blocks of time dedicated to you and you will still be getting what you need to get done taken care of.
  • You feel at ease throughout your day because you have that dedicated time for your goals mapped out.
  • You have prioritized yourself and your needs giving you a burst of energy and clarity.
  • You feel energized and full of life.
  • You are on fire and headed towards something that for years has been on the backburner.
  • You are finally crossing those dreams and long-time goals off the list and realize how seamless it all is.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You are so frustrated. You have that secret list of your goals on a post-it somewhere and you’re constantly looking at it and saying to yourself, next week. Does what I want even matter anymore? How can it? I have a million things to do — every…damn…day.

You feel exhausted and run down even though you’re getting a good night’s sleep. What is going on? Why do I feel like this?

You are stressed out and and feel like there is no way forward. I have no time. There is no way I can add another thing to my list. It will just have to wait.

You feel overwhelmed. I know exactly what I want to do but the idea of how to get there is too much.

I work with ambitious high achievers who are so busy prioritizing their families, careers, and day to day responsibilities that their personal goals always come last.

You love your life but know that something is missing.

I help you remove the overwhelm and easily make you and your goals a priority. With a strategic path forward you’ll feel energized, fulfilled, and clear on how to pursue your desires.



  • Personal Goal
    Identify and clarify at least one personal goal that you're ready to start making progress towards immediately.
  • Mindset Shift
    Experience at least one Mindset Shift that clears the way for you to start prioritizing you and your goals right away.
  • Actionable Steps
    Feel more energized, focused, fulfilled and free to start tackling your goal immediately.
  • Curated Lifestyle Plan
    Leave with a personally curated action plan to start making progress towards prioritizing yourself and your top goal.


  • Jumpstart Prepwork.  Prior to your Power Hour you’ll receive some prepwork that will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Spend the time here so we can dive right into uncovering those mindset blocks, making substantial mindset shifts and creating your personalized Lifestyle Strategy Plan. This “prepwork” is so important because it will chart out the direction of our time together with the end game of getting you awesome results.
  • Virtual Power Hour (90 minutes). You’ll have one private virtual coaching session where we will identify and transform any limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward on your goals. After our session you’ll leave with a clear understanding of why you have not moved forward on your identified goal and how to break that pattern. You will have a shift in perspective and a clear strategy that is broken down into actionable steps and accountability to keep you on track and moving forward.
  • Productivity Essentials & Strategy Plan. To ensure you are making steady progress towards your goal, I’ll provide some essential strategies on our call together and afterward you’ll receive your personally curated action plan for seamlessly fitting in your action steps into your everyday life. You will get what you want without adding an ounce of stress to your already overflowing glass.
  • Accountability (aka Follow Through!). To ensure that you stay on track and move through any challenges with ease, I’ll be reaching out between sessions via email to check in on your progress and offer solutions and encouragement along the way.
  • Follow Up Call: We will set up a follow up zoom session within 2 weeks of your original call. This call will last 30 minutes and we will address any obstacles you felt got in your way and continue to develop your path forward so you have a clear strategy for finally identifying your goal and taking the steps to get started right away.


Take action for you NOW. 

It’s time to get you back on your calendar so you can start tackling those long held personal goals.

You already know this is EXACTLY what you have been looking for to finally make progress on your dreams.

Create the life you were meant to live.

It’s time to stop setting goals. It’s time to start achieving them. – START NOW


Still have questions? Feel free to email me here hello@drhiotakis.com.

Dr. Hiotakis does not accept insurance and she does not do diagnostics or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. All sessions with Dr. Hiotakis are considered ‘coaching,’ not therapy. By scheduling a session, you are acknowledging that you are booking Dr. Hiotakis for coaching and not therapy.