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Easily seek out & find your happiness

YOU MUST DO THIS ONE THING (and yes I chose all CAPS for a reason)

⭐️Embrace and seek out your happiness and your happy moments⭐️


Because this will be the difference between you thriving emotionally during this moment or not.

I want you to choose how you cope with what is going on.

Listen, I myself, have to stop the guilt from sweeping over me when I laugh or have a glimmer of happiness lately.

And that’s not OK.



😀We need happiness to live and to thrive

😀Our body’s need happiness to literally feel good

😀Our cells need happiness to function optimally

Every single cell and part of your body is looking to your emotions right now for feedback

Feedback about where to put it’s energy

😔Remember if you are in a constant state of stress and anxiety ..this wreaks havoc on your nervous system and your immune system

So find your happiness wherever you can.

❤️Find it in the silliness of the day to day

❤️Find it in your children and their laughter or just a great cuddle like this! (This picture was taken this morning and my usually squirmy, ready -for -action toddler was all about snuggling and I just soaked it all up!…My happiness cup was filled early today)

❤️Find it through a conversation with your friends and family

❤️Find it through going down memory lane ( I just did this with my college friends and it was great!)

❤️Find it though a comedy (like FRIENDS… big surprise there!)


I know you’re stressed

I know you’re scared

I know you’re worried

I honor all of this in you

❤️BUT you have the ability right now to CHOOSE

To find your happiness everyday..multiple times a day.

And if you need to keep it simple..just force a smile..notice your body’s tension release and response when you force this smile.

❤️How are you finding your happy today?


Dr. Samantha Hiotakis

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