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How not to lose sight of what you really want

Are you so into your day to day that you’re missing the big picture and what YOU really want? 

I love my college girlfriends! And especially during this time we’ve been ramping up our group texts with fun check ins and much needed connection during quarantine.  Yesterday one of the girls texted that we graduated 23 years ago!!!

The GIFS that flashed across this group chat were hysterical but the theme was the same —> how did that happen→ it feels just like yesterday→ Time flies!!

That last one..”Time flies” → .My father drilled that into my head for as long as I can remember…

That’s probably why I try to soak up life as much as possible. 

For years I’ve been teaching and inspiring my friends, family and clients to live a life that’s untethered, on their own terms and free.

Because when you live your life on these terms ..life’s incredible

→ you feel better emotionally —> breaking up for good with anxiety, unwavering stress, burnout, mood-swings


→ you experience improved physical wellbeing where headaches become the rarity not the norm, sleep is welcome and not a challenge—> your body just freaking works better and feels better!  

It’s really that simple. 


When you get so bogged down by the details of your day to day you simply lose sight of what you really want — and it happens so fast & so easily that YOU MISS IT! 

You literally lose yourself.

Every now and then you may reflect back on the 20 or 30- year-old version of yourself → your wishes and plans. 

If  you’re lucky your husband will notice that something’s off with you, you’ll talk about it and maybe make a temporary shift to getting back on track—> 

but it probably doesn’t last longer than a week because he has his own stuff to deal with and he’s not really going to hold you accountable..that’s not his job. 

And you’ll get sucked back into the vortex of your day to day

⭐Or your sister will say, “Hey when are you actually gonna book that trip back to Paris you’ve been talking about since you came back? “

→ You immediately grab your phone,  google flights from JFK to CDG,  look at the calendar and make the commitment in your head to book the trip-

 but it’s pretty much a sure thing that trip will be postponed –until you remember you wanted to go again

→ because you’ll get sucked into the vortex of your day to day. 

⭐Or one of your friends will start a group chat l saying , “Hey we should get back to having dinner every month to catch up, I miss you all!” 

→  the group text has a ton of activity and plans to do just  until late that evening...by the next day the group text is silent and it will be 1-2 months before it picks back up.

→ Because each of you collectively will get sucked back into the vortex of your day to day

You justify all of these things falling by the wayside by saying


“My life’s  just  too busy”

“Now’s not a good time”

“I’ll do this after XYZ”

“I don’t really need this right now”.


Because that’s what your mind’s used to you doing, neurologically this is the path of least resistance and you actually BELIEVE ALL OF THIS TO BE TRUE. 

And that my dear is the BIGGEST EXCUSE IN THE BOOK– > A well rehearsed lie you’ve been telling yourself for decades.

 I need to call you out on it right now→ because I don’t want you to miss your life! 

And here’s a tip…When you tell yourself any of these things…you’ve just slipped into the victim role..and stopped taking responsibility for YOUR LIFE and how it plays out.

→ that’s not your style is it? 

You take ownership for everything you do…that’s why you’re so successful to begin with! But somehow when it comes to you, your needs and what you want ..the rules don’t apply.  

Tricky right?

So  remember this is about YOUR LIFE

I want to be very clear here and not mince words because until you embrace your empowered self —over time–> you’ll just stay here.

Stressed out




And with a body that keeps feeling like it’s working against you.

In case you didn’t know, I’m Mindset Coach for Successful  Women with careers and families, but did you know I also have my own coach  (who BTW I gladly just re-signed for our one year contract)

Why do I, a self-proclaimed Mindset Coach, need a coach? 

💌Because I too need to be held accountable.

💌Because I too need a sounding board

💌Because I too need someone to keep me on course

💌Because I too need someone to call me out on my shit when I start making excuses why I can’t fit xyz into my life.

I’m so thankful for my coach. She’s incredible.

And I I want you to experience this too.

In my book everybody needs a coach.

But not everybody needs me.

I work best with the TRIPLE TYPE AAA women — she  does it all but also doesn’t know how to keep doing it all→ and honestly doesn’t want to. 

She doesn’t know how to start because she’s stuck in her day to day and feels like time is flying and life is passing her by.

When she signed up for the high paying & demanding career, a  family and all that came with it→   the life she dreamed about→ she didn’t think it would go like this. 

She’s been successful at everything in her life. But this…the stress and overwhelm it’s a lot..too much at times. 

And NO it’s not a first world problem (like she tries to tell herself.) → Not even close! 

It’s a real problem. 

So if you want to get serious and not let one more day pass you by…not let one more minute of the life you want and deserve to pass you by…then you need to make the first move.

My one on one coaching is highly curated & personalized and honestly there’s nothing like it.

I say that because I’ve seen the incredible transformations first hand.

So yeah, you can sit back from afar and keep reading my posts,  learn from them→ you can keep buying inspiring books to help you propel forward and you may make some shifts and move the needle a little bit.

But if you’re serious, want game changing results fast,  you’re sick of wasting time → then hands down you need a coach…We might be the perfect fit!  

Let’s chat to find out! Book your call right here 


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