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Stop chasing balance and choose, otherwise you’ll miss out!

It’s time to get real.

My goal is to help you thrive through this moment and you absolutely can.

With that said…

Here’s TIP #1: Balance is bulls*t!

When I hear other health and wellness coaches or psychologists imploring their clients to seek out balance I get Joe Pesci hangry mad….[Cue the snickers commercial]

Here’s the deal…balance is an illusion and seeking it out, making that your goal is an absolute set up for failure.

The same kind of delusion that you’ll find the love of your lifetime by getting a rose on the Bachelor….binge worthy yes but a freaking delusion…that’s why it’s on TV.

Listen, I know you’ve been fed this garbage for years..even decades… and I get it…you’re reading this like a deer in the headlights right now ..what do you mean balance is an illusion.

Here’s two reasons

Reason 1:
When we seek out balance we remove priorities.

SAY it out-loud with me. PRIORITIES

PRIORITIES are what you need to strive for NOT balance.

Stay with me here…

Here’s two story lines…


Our main character is now working from home but is trying to keep her level of work at the output and performance level it was pre-COVID-19 when she had an office, had quiet, had less stress, and co-workers.

She’s also trying to be everything her children’s school can not be including teacher and principal for multiple grade levels with three kids at home.
Oh yeah, and to add insult to injury she’s trying to be the pinterest worthy mom by creating amazing at home activities for the kids during this time.

While trying to breath.

While trying not to freak out.

While trying to keep her workout schedule.

While trying to do the online yoga class.

Our main character is losing sleep, stressing out and working harder NOW than before COVID.

It’s all about balance right?

Our main character is now working from home and realizes that she will have to knock down her performance and output by about 50% and she’s OK with that.

Her boss/clients will understand as they too are in the same situation and if they don’t that’s on them- not her.

She realizes she’s not a teacher and does the best she can. Her kids logged in to google classroom and did some work. Hey that’s a win for the day.

She then prepares dinner ..nothing pinterest worthy here but delicious and done!

She FaceTimes her parents and sister and texts all her friends.

She curls up and binges on the latest and greatest NETFLIX series (Take your pick of Love is Blind, Tiger King, Ozark,etc).

She falls asleep and actually stays asleep.

She continues to thrive because she knows balance is bullsh*t

So as you can see STORY line #1 ends up on the proverbial cutting room floor.

And you need to do the same!


Trying to find balance is just a nicer way of saying “figure out how to keep all the balls in the air and juggle everything”. That too is a setup for failure!

I want you to give yourself permission to STOP BEING EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY!

It’s not sustainable!

Start setting some priorities. And here’s one more golden nugget for you.

You my dear should be #1 in the list of priorities. Set yourself up for a daily win, toss the idea of balance, and thrive.

Any questions?


Dr. Samantha Hiotakis

P.S. Want to learn how I can help you figure this part out and prioritize you AND feel good about it? Let’s chat.Book your call right here!  

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