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I’m out of here…wanna join me?

Stress release

I’m out of here!! Wanna join me? ….

Jumping in my car …cruising on the highway…blasting some music. and singing at the top of my lungs.scratch that …I was full on scream-singing ….

Letting all the frustration and pent up energy out of me...

Cruising along at 55 mph..(actually it was probably more like 75mph) …

I just need to get out of my house….and see life ..see what exists outside of my 4 walls…

Wanna join me!!

If you have a car I highly recommend this….maybe not the speeding (sssshhhh)..and of course I don’t speed when Shep is in the car!

If you’re in an apartment and can’t really go anywhere right now then sing in the shower!

Singing at the top of your lungs…..scream-singing..really letting loose and jam out..




Yes please! ….plus getting out of my fortress for the 30 minutes and seeing life..seeing the trees..

SEEING THE SUN out today was fantastic.

Plus did you know that singing can regulate your breathing and decrease your stress levels by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. (YOU WANT THIS!)

Oh yeah..and its an automatic mood lifter (upbeat music of course)

I teach all of this and more in my 21 Day Stress Busting Immune Boosting Academy!

Here’s what you need to know:

Yes, the world is scary right now.

Yes your stress levels are through the roof.


You do not need to let this situation and everything going on around you dictate how YOU PROCESS this.

You have a choice!

You can be like the majority of the population and stay glued to your phone soaking up all the panic and fear


You can choose to be resilient

You can choose to learn how to manage your stress

You can learn how to stay informed and not feed into panic

You can learn how to deal with the anxiety and not only deal with this situation but take this as an opportunity for growth and expansion

You can wire your mindset for the positive

You can learn how to be vibrant and thrive despite what your world feels like right now.

Learn more right here!

P.S. If your interested my playlist in the car today was I’m Free (Kenny Loggins), Adventure of a Lifetime (Coldplay), Lovely Day (Jill Scott) and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Michael McDonald)

P.P.S. I’d love for you to join me for the 21 Day Academy. We start on Monday April 13th.

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