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I have a confession to make

Up until last night I’ve been waking up every morning hoping this was all some kind of dream on my part and that I’d simply “click my heels” and be back to pre- COVID-19 (back in Kansas so to speak).

But my Ruby Slippers are broken.

I’m not going back to Pre-COVID-19

In fact I’m in the Land of Oz for the foreseeable future.

Let me rewind a bit

You see everyday, up until this morning, I’d wake up and the first thing that would pop into my head would be “When will this be over?

This question would take hold…. kinda like Janice to Chandler and I just couldn’t shake it…

All day…that annoying Janice voice in my head would whine “When will this be over?” When can I get back to my life?” ..OVER AND OVER

So much so that I became Janice obsessed …

—–> I’d seek out any story that would give me a glimmer of an answer..scrolling through news headlines, googling for the answer…you know the drill.

—–> I’d casually throw it into texts with friends to see if they had the answer…hey maybe one of them had a vision, had inside government information or was a closet psychic (I was really hoping for that!).

—–> Speaking of psychics, I considered calling a few for their answer on this too. But then I looked back to the psychic I spoke to this summer and she said NOTHING about this (ummm hello wouldn’t this be the first thing you would’ve said to me! ….can I get my money back!)

But let’s get back to the Land of Oz and today.

I’m here now…You’re here now…We’re all HERE NOW.

And here’s where I shifted to realizing my Ruby Slippers are broken.

Last night Shep had a rough night of sleep, which as you know, means I had a rough night of sleep..in fact I totalled just about 3 hours for the night.

Once he started singing the “Wheels on the Bus” at 1:45am, with gusto and giggles I knew it was game over and he’d fight going back to sleep..which he did….. until 4:00am.

So I opened my journal and started thinking and reflecting for those few hours

Where I’d bounce back and forth between getting my thoughts down on paper and helping Shep realize, “no honey it’s not morning yet,” no honey we can’t play yet”, “no sweetie it’s time to go to sleep”.

Here’s what I came away with bleary eyed but oddly focused and tuned in…

What if I made a perspective shift and instead of trying to get back to Pre-COVID-19 ..the proverbial Kansas…what if I simply accepted this is my new normal…accepted this Land of Oz as my new home…

You see when I did that I had a release… my mind shifted and my muscles relaxed.

And here’s the interesting part….

This perspective shift has nothing to do with feeling POWERLESS.

Instead this perspective shift allowed me to feel EMPOWERED.

Now, my days will be different…..

Instead of spending the greater portion of my day trying to get back to Kansas with my Ruby Slippers I can admit they’re broken and adapt.

You see we’re wired to adapt but only if we allow the adapting to happen.

So today I tucked my beautiful Ruby Slippers away and put on my “in -it -for- the- long- haul “ black stilettos (yes I love heels..anyone who knows me knows this to be true)

And I’m going to not only survive here in the Land of Oz …I’m going to thrive here.

Bonus Points:

—–>The classically trained psychologist in me knows that wiring my brain like this allows me to easily seek out the positive as opposed to inducing stress by chasing what I can’t catch.

—–>The health and wellness coach in me knows that this shift is good for my overall wellbeing and my body will thank me…every single cell thanks me…my nervous system is getting back to the green zone.

How are you making a perspective shift?

Does this make sense to you or are you finding this hard?

Guess what…helping women do this is my jam and I do it everyday, all day in my virtual coaching practice.

Are you ready to go deeper and learn more about how to do this for yourself so you can thrive and feel free versus restricted (not to mention the many other health benefits that will cascade to you like better sleep etc…)

Then let’s hop on a call so you can learn more about how I can help you. 


Dr. Samantha Hiotakis

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